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Image Optimization Best Practices

The following are best practices for site performance when working with images and uploading them to your site:

Image dimensions

  • All images should be no larger than 1800×1800 pixels in dimensions.
  • Make sure to upload the correct image dimensions based on the space that it will occupy on the site. For example, don’t upload a 1000×1000 pixel image if the space that it will occupy will only be 50×50 pixels.

Image formats

Use JPG over PNG formats for larger images (PNGs tend to be larger in file size).

Image transparency

Avoid transparent images if possible. If absolutely necessary to use a transparent image, keep the dimensions small (200 x 200 pixels max).

Image optimization

  • Always optimize images before uploading to your site. TinyPNG is a good option (it supports JPGs and PNGs).
  • Always clear the site cache after adding new images to your site.
Updated on January 14, 2021

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