Using the WooCommerce Subscription status export tool

Klaviyo Toolkit 1.7 or later provides a tool that allows you to export your WooCommerce subscription statuses in a CSV format. You can then import this CSV into Klaviyo and create a custom profile fields for your subscribers to track their subscription status. 1 .Using the export tool 2. Understanding the file The generated CSV … Read more

Setting up abandoned checkout coupons for Klaviyo

How it works 1. A shopper initiates the checkout process & we generate a coupon First, when an existing customer starts checkout, the Klaviyo Toolkit plugin will automatically create a coupon code and limit the use of that code only to this person’s email address. If they aren’t logged in or are a new shopper, we’ll generate … Read more

Metric event details

The Klaviyo Toolkit plugin provides the following additional metrics event options to send to Klaviyo. General Metric Events WooCommerce Subscription Metric Events Requires the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin. Legacy Subscription Metric Events Older versions of the subscription events. These will eventually be phased out in replacement of the above events. Metric Events Viewed Page Turning this … Read more

How to add your WooCommerce coupon to a Klaviyo flow

1. Create a new Klaviyo flow 2. Add a new email to your flow 3. In your email, you can reference the following coupon details as custom profile properties: XXXX = the rule ID created by the Coupon Generator for Klaviyo plugin. This ID is automatically populated when someone subscribes to your forms. You can … Read more

How to configure the Coupon Generator for Klaviyo plugin

1. Add your Klaviyo private API key and save settings 2. Create a coupon rule to define your auto-generated coupon settings. Click the “Add Rule” button, name your rule, then click the “Settings” button. Define your settings and click the “Save Changes” button when you’re done. 3. Copy the ID value and then open to … Read more

How to install the Coupon Generator for Klaviyo plugin

1. Download the plugin from your Tribe account 2. From within your WP admin, go to Plugins > “Add New “ 3. Click the “Upload plugin” button, select the plugin to upload, install and activate. 4. Navigate to the plugin license settings 5. Enter your license key and save settings 6. Activate your license

How do you retrieve historical subscription data with Klaviyo Toolkit?

Klaviyo ToolKit only starts tracking subscription data after the plugin and subscription event settings have been activated. It does not (currently) sync historical subscription data retroactively. If you’re looking to get your subscription statuses for all subscriptions synced into Klaviyo, you can do so by: If configured correctly, you will have all current subscription statuses … Read more

How to add the “Subscription End Date” to an email

This field will allow you to include a dynamic text to remind your customers about their “Subscription End Date” after they’ve cancelled their plan and their PlanStatus equals pending-cancel. 3. Edit your email template and add to your text block: 4. Save it and preview it with a profile that contains PlanStatus equals pending-cancel

Tracking WooCommerce subscription status in Klaviyo with custom profile properties

Prerequisites Note: As of Klaviyo Toolkit version 1.7 or later, subscription statuses are automatically added to customers profiles. The following guide is for legacy users. The following instructions require that you already have the Klaviyo Toolkit plugin for WooCommerce installed and activated. Adding a custom properties field for WooCommerce Subscription status 2. Select a profile of an … Read more